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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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May I bring children to my appointment?
No, as a courtesy to other patients and our staff, we have a strict no child policy.  In order to be fair to all patients, this policy is strictly enforced, no exceptions.

How does an ultrasound work?
Diagnostic ultrasound uses high frequency, but low power sound waves.  Unlike X-ray, there is no radiation involved.

Does a normal ultrasound guarantee a normal baby?
No.  Many factors can result in either incomplete, or non-visualization of fetal anatomical structures.

What are some of the factors which can influence an ultrasound study?
Ultrasound results can be influenced by fetal position, gestational age, maternal size, placental location, the amount of amniotic fluid, and prior maternal surgeries.

What does an ultrasound provide?
Ultrasound can provide a qualified physician with useful data about your baby and its anatomy.  While many defects can be seen on ultrasound, it is important to understand not all problems or defects will be identified.

Can I have family members join me during the ultrasound procedure?
Yes,  we welcome you to bring as many as two family members to share in your experience.  These family members will be allowed in the exam room during the procedure.  As always, children are never allowed in the office.

Is there anything I need to know if I am having an amniocentesis?
Please avoid any strenuous work or physical activity for the remainder of the day on which the procedure is performed.  You will be able to resume normal activity the following day.