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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

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Office Policies

We have developed office policies for the protection of our patients due to the sensitive medical issues involved with Maternal Fetal Medicine and high risk pregnancies.  All of these policies were developed for specific health and safety reasons and are in the best interest of our expecting moms and their developing babies.    

1.  Individuals accompanying patients during an office visit must be 15 years or older.

Children bring joy and happiness wherever they go, and for this we love them dearly.  Unfortunately,  they  can also bring health and safety challenges for the types of patients that visit our practice.   Because of this, we ask patients to bring only those individuals that are 15 years or older to their appointments.   

2.  No food or drink allowed in the practice.

Facility cleanliness and patient safety for the prevention of illness and injury is a priority. Our examination rooms and shared areas are kept as clean as possible to reduce the transfer of  flu or virus.  We also pay close attention to the condition of our floors and other walk ways for fall prevention.   It is for these reasons that we do not allow food or drink in the practice.  Our receptionist would be more than happy to accommodate any requests for water.

We thank you in advance for understanding.